UPDATED 11/18/2022:

This week we hit one last snag.  In the image below you can see a couple of pallets.  However the boxes are missing the labels due to a delay in label production. This means the product will be shipped out to us next week and we will have all backorders shipped out mid-December.  We will be preprinting shipping labels and assembling shipping boxes on our end before the products arrive to help speed up the shipping process.  Our system will email everyone a tracking number as soon as your label is printed.  Then you can check it to see when the product ships out and see the arrival date.

It’s been a long process and many of you have been waiting a long time!  We’re aware of that, we respect that and appreciate your patience!  We’ve filed 2 patents this year and have really worked hard to bring you something amazing!  One of those provisional patents is now in use on our latest SX-2 and SX-P2 adjustable camber arms.  The other patent will be revealed towards the end of the first quarter.  Also, all backorders will be automatically upgraded to our latest newly revised parts to make it worth your wait.  For example if you ordered our SX-1 rear camber arms you will be receiving our upgraded SX-2 arms.  Be sure to check out our release video to see the changes we made on the new arms: https://n2itive.me/n2itives-new-multi-alignment-camber-arms/

Thank you for your support!  It’s because of you and your support that we are able to continue to develop incredible new products!  Please check back here for the latest.


Don Ryan
Founder, Creative Director

N2itive Backorders Arriving in December


Brand new N2itive control arms showing off their new ride height compensation bracket and multi-alignment bracket with built-in scale.