UPDATED 1/5/2023:

Our whole team is now working hard to fulfill all of our backorders and get your kits to you.  You will be receiving a tracking number within the next couple of days.

We are working on new instructional pages and videos now for you or your installer to view.  Hopefully by the end of the week we will have that available.  This is especially important for the new SX-2 camber arms since they are installed in the opposite direction as the original SX-1 camber arms.

Here’s something important.  In order to fulfill all backorders that have been placed and new current orders, there will be a handful of kits where we will need to mix some surface finishes since we will not have enough of every surface finish for a small number of orders.  I realize that this doesn’t matter to most people since you cannot see  the arms once they are installed but I wanted to bring it to your attention.  I will clarify further…  If you ordered any of our electroless nickel plated black finish then this will NOT be an issue.  Since that is our most popular finish we ordered twice as many and will be able to fulfill all electroless nickel plated kits in that finish as ordered.  We have fewer of the red and natural anodized finishes so there will be a few orders where kit 1 or 2 would be a mixed surface finish.  For example, natural finished camber arms and red finished toe arms in one kit.  The function of course is exactly the same.  If you only ordered one pair of camber or toe arms then we will do our best to provide the color that you ordered but may need to supplement with another surface finish if necessary.  If this is an issue for you then please send us an email and we’ll see what we can do to make everything the same color for you.

It’s been a long process and many of you have been waiting a long time!  We’re aware of that, we respect that and appreciate your patience!  We’ve filed 2 patents this year and have really worked hard to bring you something amazing!  One of those provisional patents is now in use on our latest SX-2 and SX-P2 adjustable camber arms.  The other patent will be revealed towards the end of the first quarter.  Also, all backorders will be automatically upgraded to our latest newly revised parts to make it worth your wait.  For example if you ordered our SX-1 rear camber arms you will be receiving our upgraded SX-2 arms.  Be sure to check out our release video to see the changes we made on the new arms: https://n2itive.me/n2itives-new-multi-alignment-camber-arms/

Thank you for your support!  It’s because of you and your support that we are able to continue to develop incredible new products!  Please check back here for the latest.


Don Ryan
Founder, Creative Director


Brand new N2itive control arms showing off their new ride height compensation bracket and multi-alignment bracket with built-in scale.