UPDATE: 01-06-2022: Black links are now finished.  Final QC and packaging in progress.  The links will ship out to us this week via DHL Express Air.  Normally this would take 3-days but with the holidays and Covid we’re expecting air freight to take a week.   The red version will arrive about 2-weeks after the black version.  Expected arrival for black links is now January 15th.  Red links, January 30th.   Check back here for updates.


2021 PLAID & Refreshed Long Range Versions…

2012-2020 Tesla Model S and X vehicles…

This is Don Ryan from N2itive. I wanted to put out an update on our lowering links for the 2021 Tesla Model S/X Plaid and Long Range version Teslas, plus our pre-refreshed 2012-2020 Tesla S and X vehicles.  Thanks to everyone for all of your orders and kind words over the last 6-weeks.  We’re quite grateful to everyone for your support!

I mentioned the following in a previous email update, but it’s worth mentioning again…  There are a total of six factories involved in the production of these links. Everything is going really smoothly and nearly all the pieces have been completed.  We’re just waiting for one internal locking clip and the final surface finishing.  They’re going to be awesome!  Actually we’ve made several refinements to our links on this latest production and your patience will soon be rewarded.  We ended up making so many refinements that these will essentially be the next generation and we need to come up with a new name.  Let us know if you have any suggestions.  It may be as simple as changing the name from RSX-1 to RSX-2 but we would love to hear your feedback and ideas!

While our original Plaid lowering links were amazing and received such great reviews and feedback from our customers, still we feel that there is always room for improvement and that’s what we’re bringing to you in the next generation.  Also as the head product developer here who happens to be a Virgo with 30% German blood; you might get a sense of my desire for perfection and aesthetics.  ;  )  I’m only half kidding…

Here are some the new refinements that you can expect on your links:

  1. Subtly redesigned aesthetics and look
  2. Larger Viton O-rings for improved  weather resistance.
  3. Improved readability of the Vernier scale
  4. Completely redesigned packaging
  5. Improved lower profile design retaining clips
  6. Improved fluidness of adjustability
  7. Tighter tolerances for even greater precision

Thank you for your patience and support!  We’ve seen many of you mention our products in different forums and groups and we sincerely appreciate that!  At some point here we will start advertising on social media but thanks to your support and word of mouth, so far we haven’t had to. We’re looking forward to shipping this out to you.  Please check back here for the latest updates.  You can still order the lowering links at the links below and we will ship them out to you as soon as they arrive.

2021 PLAID & Refreshed Long Range Versions…

2012-2020 Tesla Model S and X vehicles…

Thank you,

Don Ryan

(626) 344-8389