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I love my Model S but if you drive an S or X like me, you may have noticed the inner rear tires wearing out way too quickly.  Even after having the vehicle aligned, the problem most often remains.  With Teslas, rear inner tire wear is typically due to a combination of negative toe (where the wheels toe outward in a slight “V” shape) and excessive negative rear camber (inward tilt from the top of the wheel).  Only toe is adjustable on the Tesla S and X and not very much at that.  The rear wheel camber is not adjustable from the factory which is why having an alignment performed usually doesn’t help.  While some negative camber is essential for good traction during cornering, having too much can wear out the inner tire’s edge.  This creates a critical situation where many of us have experienced the tire quickly lose air pressure or completely blow out without warning, destroying a very expensive tire and wheel and possibly causing an accident.

It can be a bit of an illusion.  A quick look or feel of your rear tire tread and everything seems fine.  It’s not until you lie on the ground and look way back at the very inside edge that you see how bad your tire’s condition is.  Many Tesla S and X owners like myself are getting only 5-10 thousand miles out of the rear tires.  This means spending anywhere from $400 – $1,200 for a pair of new tires every few months.  Not to mention spending time at the tire shop way too often.

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Chris Lee - Arizona
“These parts are incredible. Much more substantial than the OEM parts and stunning! 😍 The guys at the shop are gawking over them.”
EVfixMe: “We use only N2itive control arms for our customer’s cars… all I can say is their quality is Superior.”
EVfixMe, Tesla Mechanics - Costa Mesa, CA
“We use only N2itive control arms for our customer’s cars… all I can say is their quality is Superior.”
Voodoo Autosport: “From all the arms I’ve installed over the years, you’ve made a solid part!”
Eric Cheney (Master Mechanic) - Santa Ana, CA
“From all the arms I’ve installed over the years, you’ve made a solid part!”

Safety In Strength

The original rear camber arms supplied with the Tesla S/X were not the most robust design.  Some owners have had issues where the camber arms will bend or break going over potholes or bumps in the road.  N2itive's camber and toe arms are significantly stronger as you can see in this FEA analysis.  The original camber arms suffer about 3x more deflection under less stress compared to N2itive's adjustable SX-1 camber arm.  Even under far greater weight and stress N2itive's control arms won't fail.

Original Tesla S Broken Rear Upper Camber/Control Arm

Above: Original Tesla Non-Adjustable Camber Arm

N2itive Adjustable Camber Arms Maintain Integrity Under Even Greater Stress

Above: N2itive SX-1 Adjustable Camber Arm

N2itive SX-1 Adjustable Camber Arms

How It Works

As you can see in the below image of the Tesla S/X rear suspension, the camber arm is fixed or non-adjustable.  Whatever degree of negative camber you have is what you're stuck with and by no means are all Teslas the same!  Tesla recommends having a rear negative camber of -1.75° +/-1.00° for air suspension.  So that equals a maximum suggested negative camber of -2.75° to as little as -0.75° to be within their specs.  For coil suspension Tesla recommends a rear negative camber of -1.25° +/-1.00° which equals a maximum suggested negative camber of -2.25° to -0.25°.   It's important to understand that just because you're within Tesla's alignment range does not mean you won't suffer from inner tire wear!

OEM Tesla S/X Rear Suspension

OEM Tesla S/X Rear Suspension

Inherently Limited Adjustability From The Factory

Keeping your rear negative camber at -1.00° is about optimal for even tire wear while maintaining good control in cornering.  If you have more negative camber than that is where you start to notice inner tire wear.  Also as the rubber annular bushings in the camber arms begin to sag and break down with age you'll develop more negative camber.  This is why as Tesla's get older the inner tire wear issue becomes worse.

Tesla Model S/X Camber and Toe Diagram

So it sounds easy enough then, just replace the factory camber arms with a pair of N2itive's adjustable SX-1 Camber arms, have the vehicle aligned with the rear camber set to -1.00° and the problem is solved.  For many Tesla owners this will be the case and only a pair of SX-1 camber arms will be necessary.  There is one other thing to consider however and that is toe.  As you adjust the camber, the geometry of the suspension begins to change.  Adding more camber will cause the wheel to "toe in".  This can generally be compensated for by turning the toe arm's eccentric bolt to push the toe arm further out.  The problem is that you only have 3.5mm from the bushings neutral position to push the toe arm out.  That's about the thickness of a USB cable.  Not much adjustment potential at all and perhaps not enough to get the "toe" into the correct specs while your rear camber is now in an optimal position.  So to deal with this we created adjustable toe arms as well.

Save Thousands On Tire Wear By Installing N2itive's Adjustable Arms!

N2itive's new TSX-1 adjustable toe arms are far more robust than the factory arms and they come with a pair of spherical and annular bushings for the best alignment and driveability.  The original OEM arms came with only annular bushings.  The N2itive TSX-1 gives you up to 15mm of positive toe in and 15mm of negative toe out to dial in the perfect alignment regardless of your situation.  Picking up a set of both N2itive's SX-1 Camber Arms and TSX-1 Toe Arms will allow you to dial in perfect rear wheel alignment which is currently not possible with Teslas.  If there is any confusion or you have questions then please check our FAQ page or reach out to us.  We'll help you figure out the best solution.

N2itive's TSX-1 Adjustable Toe Arms

Design & Options

Both the N2itive SX-1 adjustable camber arms and the TSX-1 adjustable toe arms or toe links come in two variations.  For the budget conscious you can get the arms constructed out of automotive grade 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum that's been anodized red for corrosion resistance.  For an additional $100 per arm you can get the insane looking electroless bright black nickel plated finish with an outstanding corrosion resistance and amazing looks.  Plus those arms are constructed out of 7075-T6 heat treated aerospace grade aluminum for almost twice the ultimate tensile strength over 6061-T6!   Either way you're getting the highest quality design and craftsmanship.  All arms come with brand new bushings and the required hardware to to make installation quick and easy.  No need to attempt to press out your old bushings.

Your Tesla Needs N2itive's

Adjustable Control Arms!

N2itive SX-1 Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Arms (1 PAIR) For Tesla Model S/X


(4 customer reviews)

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Fix the crazy inner rear tire wear we experience on the Tesla Model S and X.  From the factory, rear camber is not adjustable on your Tesla.  This is the main reason you experience extreme rear wear on the inner shoulder of your tires.  N2itive’s SX-1 adjustable camber arms eliminate this problem, allowing you to greatly extend your tire life and save money.  6-year warranty included.


Now In Stock!

N2itive’s new SX-1 rear adjustable camber arms with both custom made spherical and annular bushings are the answer to the crazy inner rear tire wear we experience on the Tesla Model S and X.   The price is per pair or set of two arms.  Contact us with questions. We’re here for you!

N2itive’s SX-1 adjustable rear camber arms come in two variations.  Both come with a 6-year warranty.  The first version is fabricated primarily of heat treated automotive grade aluminum and anodized in a matte red with great corrosion resistance.  The upgraded version is based off of a heat treated aerospace grade aluminum which has almost double the ultimate tensile strength over our heat treated automotive grade aluminum.  In addition to being substantially stronger, this version has an amazing bright nickel black plating finish for improved corrosion resistance and insane looks.  Either way you can’t go wrong.

Additional information

Weight 125 oz
Dimensions 14.25 × 4.25 × 3 in

Matte Red Anodized, Bright Black Electroless Nickel Plated, Double Strength Aerospace Grade Aluminum

4 reviews for N2itive SX-1 Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Arms (1 PAIR) For Tesla Model S/X

  1. sperlaky (verified owner)

    I am glad I purchased these. My Model X suffered from the famous front end shudder. I have had 5 sets of replacement front shafts and motor mounts installed, but the shudder was never totally gone. The guidance given to me was to set the suspension to low. The only problem with that is that the lower I set the car, the more it wore out the inner edge of the rear tires. Without trying to address the front end shudder by setting the suspension to low, the rear tires already had excessive negative camber that wears out the inner edge of the rear tires. These camber arms along with the toe arms allow you to totally take care of the issues and get the tires set at a good camber angle. I can now look forward to reasonable tire life. Thank you

    Tesla Model X Adjustable Control ArmAdjustable Camber Arm Installation Tesla Model X

    3 out of 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  2. Andy Martin (verified owner)

    I found these adjustable control arms from a Tesla forum thread. I was searching to find a solution for the inner rear tire wear on my Model S. They come preset to the factory length so I was able to install them myself and then take it to Tesla to have them align it. The service technician at my local service center was really impressed with the quality and was able to dial in a perfect alignment. I had about -2.5 degrees of camber in the rear with the old arms and while that is within Tesla’s spec for this car, the inner tire wear was horrible. Now I’m at -0.8 degrees of camber which is also within Tesla’s alignment spec. I also got the adjustable toe arms since the factory adjustment on the rear toe is so minimal. Also let me just add that customer service is outstanding! They were always ready to answer my questions before purchasing to make sure I knew exactly what I needed. Very helpful and professional. I’m happy with my purchase.

    Now that I have N2itive adjustable camber and toe arms installed and aligned I can confirm that their quality is not only looks amazing, but performs great too. My alignment has remained stable and my inner tire wear has been eliminated. Also the acceleration shudder is no longer an issue. My only complaint is that shipping took a long time since they were out of stock when I ordered.

    N2itive SX-1 Adjustable Camber Arm
    N2itive sx-1 adjustable control arm link

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  3. Zarudny

    I purchased the camber and toe arms set and had them installed recently on my Tesla Model S. I was sick and tired of running through expensive tires due to inner tire wear. I have my car lowered pretty low so lucky for me there was an affordable solution.

    I saw them on display at EVFixme and thought they were so beautifully crafted and built solid. The anodized red metal was calling for me.

    After installation and alignment I was shocked at how dialed in the car was. It was so smooth!

    I recommend any of the products made by N2itive. The craftsmanship of the product and customer support is 2nd to none.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  4. David Hoang (verified owner)

    We specialized in Tesla repairs and modifications and always recommend N2itive products to our customers. The build quality is far superior than anything I have seen in today’s market. Don takes pride in his product and you can see it in his product and packaging. I also have N2itive products on our show car here at Evfixme. Thank you Don!

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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