Alignment Kit 2 – Inner Tire Wear – Tesla Model S/X 2012 – 2020


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N2itive’s Alignment Kit 2 was designed to address the common inner tire wear issues that plague the Tesla Model S and X.  Also with Tesla’s current recommendation to drive with the suspension in the “Low” setting to avoid damage to your half-shafts, this makes inner rear tire wear even worse.  With our alignment kit (camber kit) you get both of our high performance SX-1 adjustable camber arms and our TSX-1 adjustable toe arms with 5x greater extended toe adjustment over factory.  N2itive’s Alignment Kit 2 will completely eliminate inner and uneven tire wear, 100%!  All necessary hardware for a complete installation is included.  Our alignment kits are a complete drop-in replacement for the original Tesla rear camber and toe arms and come preset to the length of the original arms.

The alignment kit can be installed by the experienced home mechanic or from a local alignment shop that has experience with aftermarket control arms.  These parts will quickly pay for themselves in the cost of tires alone.  Now you can double or triple your tire life depending on how bad your inner tire wear problem is.    We can help you every step of the way, from selecting the right N2itive parts to finding an installer.  Just let us know.  We’re here to help and get your Tesla aligned right and keep it safe to drive.  All our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for years of endurance and come with an unmatched 6-year warranty.  If you need anything, our customer support is always available.  Contact us with any questions.  We’re here to help!


Inner Tire Wear On The Model S and X

Tesla X and S tire blowout images

The difference between our Alignment Kit 1 and Kit 2 is with our RSX-1 lowering links.  This kit (Alignment Kit 2) does not contain the RSX-1 lowering links.  Kit 1 does.

Both of these adjustable control arms are installed in place of your current rear control arms to set a perfectly symmetrical alignment.  The end result is a car with, significantly improved tire wear, far better handling and agility.  Installing our kit will pay for itself many times over during the time you own your Tesla in the cost of tires alone.  If you suffer from the inner tire wear issue that so many of us have then you could easily double or triple your tire life.  Beyond that, the safety factor alone is worth it!    Everything you need is included in the kit.  Installation can be performed by the experienced home mechanic or you can take it to a local alignment shop that has experience with installing and aligning adjustable control arms.

N2itive’s Alignment Kit 2 comes in two variations. Both of the adjustable control arms in the kit come with custom made spherical and annular bushings.  The first version is fabricated primarily of heat treated automotive grade aluminum and anodized in a matte red with great corrosion resistance. The upgraded version is based off of a heat treated aerospace grade aluminum which has almost double the ultimate tensile strength over our heat treated automotive grade aluminum. In addition to being substantially stronger, this version has an amazing bright nickel black plating finish for improved corrosion resistance and insane looks. Either way you can’t go wrong.  Both versions are stronger than any other brand, including Tesla.  After purchase please have the installer and alignment shop visit our installation pages to make sure they install and align the kit correctly!

Why Choose N2itive

At N2itive we give you the highest quality parts and craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Everything we create is meticulously well thought-out, precision engineered and FEA and real-world tested! We are the first and only company to make our camber arms where the threaded adjustment rod remains both on-axis and away from the center of the arm. This improves the strength of the arms by over 40%! That’s important with the extreme weight of a Tesla. No one else has this. All of our components are custom made. Nothing is off the shelf. Take our spherical bushings for instance… made with high strength steel that’s been electroless nickel plated for amazing wear and corrosion resistance. Each bushing incorporates a Teflon infused Delrin liner for a lifetime of trouble-free, maintenance-free use. You can count on us to only give you the best with all our parts and we back that up with a 6-year hassle-free warranty to the original purchaser. Our products are the strongest, safest and most durable aftermarket Tesla parts you can buy, guaranteed! Not to mention, they look incredible.

Additional information

Weight 245 oz
Dimensions 14.25 × 8.5 × 3 in

Matte Red Anodized, Bright Black Electroless Nickel Plated, Aerospace Grade Aluminum

5 reviews for Alignment Kit 2 – Inner Tire Wear – Tesla Model S/X 2012 – 2020

  1. zarudny

    I purchased the camber and toe arm set and had them installed recently on my Tesla Model S. I was sick and tired of running through expensive tires due to inner tire wear. I have my car lowered pretty low so lucky for me there was an affordable solution.

    I saw them on display at EVFixme and thought they were so beautifully crafted and built solid. The anodized red metal was calling for me.

    After installation and alignment I was shocked at how dialed in the car was. It was so smooth!

    I recommend any of the products made by N2itive. The craftsmanship of the product and customer support is 2nd to none.


    San Diego,CA

    N2itive Alignment Kit 2 Installed
    N2itive Adjustable Toe control arms
    N2itive vs OEM Tesla camber control arms
    N2itive perfect alignment after installing sx-1 and tsx-1 adjustable tesla control arms

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  2. Bobby

    I’m a mechanic and have extensive experience working on Teslas. Last year I installed EV Tuning’s adjustable camber and toe arms on my Model S, but they are garbage. After about year I noticed that the negative camber had become quite extreme and the ride quality was not right. I took my back wheels off to review the EV Tuning arms and noticed the bushings were completely torn and not holding in place. All four bushings were destroyed after only 8-10K miles.
    Fast forward I received my N2itive camber and toe arms and lowering links and I must say the craftsmanship is beyond incredible! Side by side there is no comparison. The quality is amazing. You get what you pay for and the customer support is great too. I’ve recommended N2itive parts to several Tesla owners!
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    EV Turning camber kit control arm bushing damage reviews

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  3. Miguel Moreno

    Don is really something else! He goes above and beyond for his customers. Arms are top notch quality and couldnt be happier with the purchase. One thing I do recommend for anyone purchasing these arms is make sure you talk to the shop youre planning to take it to ahead of time to make sure they can accommodate working with these arms. Other than that THANK YOU SO MUCH DON FOR EVERYTHING

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    • donverse

      Hi Miguel,
      Thank you for the kind review. Yes, as you mentioned not all shops will work with aftermarket suspension parts. We are always ready to assist and find local installers for our customers. If you need anything down the road, please don’t hesitate to ask.
      Thank you!

  4. Patrik Mikael Hast

    (This review is originally from 2020)
    They finally came! Easy to install DIY at home, except for those toe bolts towards the battery. Sawzall is recommended. Too bad no one will see those beautiful arms!

    Unpacking of N2itive Alignment Kit 2
    Tesla X Worn Inner Rear Tires Before Installing N2itive Alignment Kit 2
    DIY Self Install of N2itive Alignment Kit 2 for Tesla S and X
    N2itive Alignment Kit 2 After Installation on Tesla Model X
    N2itive Alignment Camber Kit 2 after installation on Tesla Model X

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  5. Jackson Downey

    I did a LOT of research looking for a solution for the rear uneven tire wear. I saw that N2itive products were recommended in the forums. I looked at the reviews and I even spoke with another N2itive customer that said he had tried other products and this one is the best. I even got to speak with Don, the owner/manufacturer, and he helped answer all of the many questions I had. He was even available when new questions came up throughout the process. He was also available for the automotive shop doing the install to answer their questions if they had any. Don and N2itive will take care of you and the product is top-notch. The ride in the car even feels better. 5 stars and highly recommend of course!

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