After you or an alignment shop installs our control arms and lowering links you will want to align the wheels immediately.  We recommend the following steps:

1. Set your Tesla’s height to the height to medium.  The height of the vehicle will change the geometry of the suspension, especially the camber.  So it’s important to have the height set first before alignment is performed.

2. Have the alignment shop set your rear camber and toe to our recommended settings below.  Notice that our settings fall within Tesla’s own spec.    However, our settings are more refined and will provide the best all around tire wear and performance for your Tesla.  Our specs will also maintian your alignment geometry to ensure less rolling resistance for increased range.

A quick note on aligning the front of the vehicle.  The front camber will most likely gravitate towards the negative camber side of the specs.  There is not much adjustment from the factory without aftermarket parts.  We recommend to dial out as much of the negative camber as you can while still staying within spec.

Our recommended wheel/tire alignment specs for the Tesla Model S and X are below:

Front Camber: -0.3° to -1.2° Front Camber: -0.3° to -1.2°
Front Caster: 3.5° to 4.5° Front Caster: 3.7° to 4.7°
Front Toe: 0.0° to 0.10° Front Toe: 0.0° to 0.15°
Total Front Toe: 0.0° to 0.20° Total Front Toe: 0.0° to 0.30°
Steer Ahead: -0.05° to 0.05° Steer Ahead: -0.05° to 0.05°
Rear Camber: -0.75° to -2.75°  We recommend -0.75° to -0.85°
Rear Camber: -0.5° to -2.5°  We recommend -0.50° to -0.65°
Rear Toe: 0.05° to 0.35°  We recommend 0.10° to 0.20°
Rear Toe: 0.05° to 0.35°  We recommend 0.15° to 0.20°
Total Rear Toe: 0.20° to 0.40° Total Rear Toe: 0.30° to 0.40°
Thrust Angle: -0.20° to 0.20° Thrust Angle: -0.10° to 0.10°