RSX-3 (2021+ S/X) TARTAN Lowering Links


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Ride Height Adjustment for Tesla S/X PLAID & Long Range Models

N2ITIVE is #1 in lowering links for the new Tesla Model S and X.  Our new performance RSX-3 TARTAN lowering links, fit all refreshed 2021 and later Tesla Model S and X cars.  They are the most popular lowering links on the market for the new Plaid and Long Range.  N2ITIVE offers the most advanced features for lowering links in the world, with extreme precision and reliability.  The TARTAN version of our RSX-3 lowering links are designed exclusively for the new Tesla Model S/X Plaid as well as all refreshed Long Range (non-Plaid) 2021 and later Tesla Model S and X vehicles.  They will not fit the older 2012 – 2020 Tesla S and X vehicles.  You would want the non-TARTAN version of our RSX-3 lowering links for the older Teslas.

With RSX-3 links, you set them once and you’re done.  The RSX-3 precision Vernier scale makes adjustment super easy and fast!  There is no need to remove the links and go back and re-adjust with a caliper as with most adjustable links. When quality, craftsmanship and adjustability matter, our performance TARTAN RSX-3 lowering links are the only choice. 6-year to lifetime warranty included.


N2ITIVE’s performance TARTAN  RSX-3 ride height adjustment lowering links are the most advanced in the world.  Our links allow you to fully retain your active suspension dampening and software ride height adjustability with every setting now being a little lower than before.   The TARTAN version of our RSX-3 lowering links are designed to fit the new 2021 and later Tesla Plaid S and X as well as all refreshed non-Plaid Long Range 2021 and later Tesla Model S and X vehicles. If you have a 2012 to 2020 Tesla S or X before the refresh then you’ll need our other lowering links here.  Please note that there were some Tesla produced in early 2021 that have the older suspension design.  If in doubt please contact us first.

Beyond lowering brackets, our super precision performance tuners allow you to tweak the length of the link down to 1/10 of a millimeter.  You’re never forced into one setting.  You choose the height you want.  Each link has a Vernier scale built-in so you always know what length you’re at and can easily assure all links are at the exact same setting for a super precise ride height.  No need to remove the links and use a caliper every time you want to change your height.  Our links offer the ability to do a subtle drop or a completely slammed drop of your Model S or X.

The TARTAN RSX-3 ride height adjustment links/lowering links come in two variations… Anodized red with a 6-year warranty or our black on black electroless nickel plated finish with a lifetime warranty.  Each set comes with 4 links.  Installation takes only 30 minutes by the home mechanic.

Please note that installing lowering links on your Tesla could cause inner tire wear if you don’t also install our adjustable SX-P2 camber arms to reduce the excess negative camber that occurs when lowering the car. Inner tire wear can cause an unexpected blowout! Please keep an eye on your inner rear tires especially! And follow our alignment specs on the installation pages.

5 Reasons To Choose Our Performance RSX-3 Tesla S/X Lowering Links

  1. Dial in the right height for you: N2ITIVE’s adjustable lowering links for the Tesla S/X allow uber precise adjustment down to 1/10thmm that can easily be replicated on all links.  Just rotate the adjustment dial to match the same number setting.  No need to unplug/disconnect the links first.  Easily adjust them while they’re in the car!  With other adjustment links you have no practical way of knowing what setting you’re at or how long the individual links are.  It’s a guessing game that can leave one side of the vehicle higher than the other. This is a common frustration when lowering a Tesla.  Meaning you have to go back and jack up the car, remove the wheels, make the adjustment, put the wheels back on and then measure to make sure you have the height correct and all sides are even.  Until now this would have to be done multiple times to get it right.  With the RSX-3 links you can set it once and your done.  We designed these links to be super quick, easy and accurate.
  2. Simple locking mechanism:  We have a single setscrew that allows you to easily make adjustments with a single 1.5mm Allen wrench which is included in the box.  So in other words, to change the length of your links you slightly loosen the Allen screw, dial in the new ride height setting you want and then re-tighten the Allen screw.  With other adjustment links you’ll need to remove the links first and then use two wrenches to loosen two separate locking nuts per link, then make the length adjustment not really knowing how long the link is without a caliper, then re-tighten both locking nuts again and hope you got the correct and even height all around the vehicle.
  3. Easy calibration:  If you ever need to have your sensors re-calibrated from Tesla at some point, our links can easily be reset to “0” which is the factory length.  Then after calibration they can quickly be set back to whatever lowered setting you previously had.  No other lowering links offer this and most lowering brackets would need to be removed and replaced with the original brackets before re-calibration was done.
  4. Design & Quality:  Our thought process on our performance RSX-3 lowering links was to use the highest quality materials and a really well thought out design to create something from the ground up.  We wanted to create something that was really nice both in function and aesthetics, especially being that they’re made for a the most amazing cars on earth.
  5. Corrosion Resistance:  All parts are either anodized or electroless nickel plated and have Viton® seals to prevent water/salt intrusion for the longest durability.

Please note that lowering your Tesla brings the vehicle closer to the ground which could potentially make the undercarriage including the battery more vulnerable to damage.  While we haven’t had any complaints we wanted to give you a heads up of the possibility.  N2ITIVE, LLC or it’s owners or employees are not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle.


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

Red & Clear Anodized (6-Year Warranty), Two-Tone Black on Black Electroless Nickel Plated (LIFETIME WARRANTY)

21 reviews for RSX-3 (2021+ S/X) TARTAN Lowering Links

  1. Mo

    Links worked as advertised and car feels like stock but a lot lower. Great quality product.
    Tesla Model S Plaid With N2itive RSX-1 Lowering Links

    Image #1 from Mo
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  2. Rusty Niedwick

    OK boys and girls, you want badass, machined, amazing parts for your Tesla spaceship….this is the place! Parts are amazing, excellent quality. Installation is pretty simple and makes your car sit just right! Don is super helpful and Ill be back for more Plaid parts as soon as he has them!
    N2itive's Tesla Model S Plaid Lowering Link Kit

    Image #1 from Rusty Niedwick
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  3. Brandon Jackson

    These things make your PLAID look sick AF! If you haven’t gotten them, you’re missing out on the way to make your Model S look even sicker. Also I’ve had them on for over 2 months and have not once bottomed out and I always drive on the Low setting. I put mine in Cheetah mode with no issues and launch with no issues. The N2itive lowering links are fire ️‍🔥️‍🔥️‍🔥️‍🔥️‍🔥️‍! Also the look is amazing. I get compliments on how good it looks lowered almost daily.

    Black Model S Plaid on N2itive Lowering Links

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  4. Austin Smith

    On my third Tesla, and on prior cars never had anything other than UP, and a bunch of other custom parts to get the ride height where I wanted it, N2itivedesigns does it all in one kit, and its aaaamazing! Couldnt be happier!

    Black Tesla Model S PLAID with N2itive RSX-1 Lowering Links and Avant Garde wheels

    Image #1 from Austin Smith
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  5. Mike Wu

    Just installed the links on my Plaid S and they’re incredible. They look great and the quality is top notch. My installer even said that they’re one of the best links he’s seen (even for other cars). The fact that they come pre-greased was a bonus. I’ve used UP parts for years and was reluctant to switch but after this I plan on using N2itive moving forward.

    N2itive RSX-2 Lowering Links on new 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid

    Image #1 from Mike Wu
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  6. Luiz Carvalho

    Awesome product. Very high quality. I’m very happy with this link. The plaid deserves it!
    Slammed Tesla Model S PLAID - N2itive Lowering Links
    Slammed Tesla Model S PLAID - N2itive Lowering Links
    Lowered Tesla Model S PLAID - N2itive Lowering Links

    Image #1 from Luiz Carvalho
    Image #2 from Luiz Carvalho
    Image #3 from Luiz Carvalho
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  7. Patrick Fisher

    Fantastic product – finely engineered, thoughtfully packaged. They come pre-greased, with extra retaining clips and an allen wrench for the set screw. Installation is easy once you get one done and have a feel for how to pop off the factory links. The ability to adjust them on the car in a controlled way thanks to the built in Vernier scale is great (fronts are super easy just by putting the suspension in Very High and Jack Mode, rears might require a little more finagling to get to them by jacking, or worst case removing the wheel). Pics below are before/after, all in Low setting. Fronts were set to -6mm, Rears to -7mm. Ground to top of fender is 28″ all around.

    2022 Tesla Model S PLAID Before Shot On Top and After Shot on Bottom Lowered on N2itive RSX-2 Lowering Links
    2022 Tesla Model S PLAID Before Shot On Top and After Shot on Bottom Lowered on N2itive RSX-2 Lowering Links
    2022 Tesla Model S PLAID Photo After Being Lowered on N2itive RSX-2 Lowering Links

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  8. Jimmy Kim

    Great Quality Product and excellent customer service! The car looks amazing and I get the exact desired stance that I want. Here’s the 2 tools I used to get my front (the L ) and the back (the blue fork) that helped me get through the install with rear wheel removal in about 40 mins! Thanks for a great product!

    2022 Tesla Model S Plaid dropped and lowered on N2itive RSX-2 Lowering Links
    Tools to remove OEM Tesla Model S and X ride height sensor links

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  9. Joe Pries

    Changed both Plaids they look sooo good lowered

    Image #1 from Joe Pries
    Image #2 from Joe Pries
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  10. Andy Hettrick

    First and foremost let me start off by saying the service is superb. Don has been more then helpful. I was able to text him day or night to inquire about my order as well as numerous technical questions.

    The links themselves are extremely well made. The adjustments are easily done with a simple turn of a set screw and then twist the body of the link. Installation is a breeze if you remember to put your car in jack mode.

    I picked a number 8 setting and it maybe a tad bit lower then I want. But it looks amazing.

    I’d recommend these links to anyone interested in lowering their Model S.

    Thanks Don for everything.

    Andy Hettrick
    Minden, NV

    2022 Tesla Model S Plaid before installing N2itive RSX-2 Lowering Links

    2022 Lowered Tesla Model S Plaid on N2itive RSX-2 Lowering Links set to -8.0

    2022 Lowered Tesla Model S Plaid on N2itive RSX-2 Lowering Links set to -8.0

    2022 Lowered Tesla Model S Plaid on N2itive RSX-2 Lowering Links set to -8.0

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  11. Collin Foster

    They knocked it out of the park with these lowering links! By far the easiest way I have ever lowered a vehicle. I installed them in 30 min and was on my way. I have them set at -8mm.

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  12. John B.

    My review of the N2itive RSX-2 Plaid Lowering links!

    tl;dr – These are awesome; money well spent!

    The details

    First, N2itive is very responsive to answer questions, and to ship the product – I received my set only days after ordering! I decided to go with the top of the line “black” version, only because the red version was two weeks out. Besides the price, the only difference between the two is the finish. Everything else is exactly the same!

    Second, the quality of these links is outstanding, and really is like a “precision medical instrument”!

    I purchased these to complement my wheel/look overhaul, along with new forged aluminum alloy wheels, titanium lugs and new summer rubber (discussed in a separate thread)! I also purchased these links to do some experimentation, re the refreshed Model S/Plaid vibration issue that affects many. More on that in another thread, once the experiment concludes.

    What I like most about this N2itive links is the ability to precisely dial up or down the amount of lift or drop – even without having to remove them! N2itive’s web site provides detail information and videos explaining how this works and how best to remove the stock plastic links, making installation a snap!

    I’ve attached some photos of the “unboxing” removal of the stock link, greasing the ball posts (although the N2itive links come pre-greased – a nice touch!), rears installed, fronts installed, and of course, the final “look”. At this point, I only dropped the car a tad more than ½”, but plan to do more as part of the “testing campaign”!

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  13. Kauth & Mayeur Speciality Automotive Service

    We are a high-line automotive shop. When we choose products for our customer base we look for quality and precision. Our association with N2ITIVE is based on the quality products that they provide for our performance customers. Nothing comes close to the ease of installation & detail of these N2ITIVE products.

    Image #1 from Kauth & Mayeur Speciality Automotive Service
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  14. Andrew Evanson

    **Fantastic Product and Support for troubleshooting**
    I used the new RSX-2 on my Brand New 2022 Model X Plaid. The install was straight forward and easy. The quality of the links themselves is nothing short of amazing. They thought of everything when they developed these. I highly recommend them. I am running mine at -10 all the way around. I give N2itive a 10/10 on these! Thank You for making the Plaid that much better!

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  15. Mike Campi

    At Charged Up Performance here in Pennsylvania. We strive to find and test products for our customers.
    These links are absolute top tier products going from customer service, the packaging, the product itself, and the
    final outcome of seeing a happy customer. These links are well designed and gives itself a great quality and appeal.
    We hope to see more great things from N2itive.

    Owner of Charged Up Performance

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  16. Andy

    LOVE these links! Have a set on my S Plaid, and just ordered a set for my wifes 2022 X Plaid that’s coming this week. Amazing quality product, worth every penny!!


    Lowered Tesla PLAID Model S on N2itive Lowering Links

    Image #1 from Andy
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  17. Mark Williams

    First we have to talk about Don, the owner. Never have I had such extraordinary customer service in my life. Don was willing to talk to me on the phone and text me before, during and after the installation. Thank you Don for all your help and patience with me. You are not only one heck of an engineer but a genuinely nice guy! THE LINKS: They are absolutely the only links I would EVER consider using and I looked closely at all the other brands and. NOTHING compares. The craftsmanship and quality are absolutely without question as good as it gets. The fact that you can adjust the height of your car makes it so versatile. You can choose any amount of lowering you wish. Once you understand how the factory link assembly works (and it is a very simple part to understand) installing the links is a piece of cake. N2itive is a real class act! I will try to add some pictures of my Plaid S to give you an idea of what a 7/5 lowering adjustment looks like. There are marks on the shaft of the link each representing 1 mm. All you do to adjust the ride height is loosen the set screw and twist the barrel of the link to adjust to the desired mm as shown on the shaft of the link and then tighten the set screw. So in my case I actually started out with a 5/4 (5mm in the rear and 4 mm in the front). I wanted a more level look so I lowered the rear more than the front. After a few days I decided that I wanted my car a little lower so I changed the links to a 7/5 setting, making it a little lower. Now it is perfect for me! I wanted it to be noticeably lowered but not totally slammed. My set up works great for me and is still practical while looking so much cooler than it did. My rims are 21” transparent gold Monoblock Forgeline rims. In case it helps someone out there reading this, the inside edge of all 4 wheel wells are
    27 7/8” from the ground when my car’s air suspension is in the low setting. I still have all the adjustable settings of the air suspension the car came with, but the low setting is now just lower than it was before, as are all the various settings. Great product, great service and a great guy (Don) running the show. I really couldn’t me happier!!! I will try to include some pictures. Oh, also, a big shout out to Speed Shield in Dallas, the best custom shop in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
    Mark in Dallas, TX

    Image #1 from Mark Williams
    Image #2 from Mark Williams
    Image #3 from Mark Williams
    Image #4 from Mark Williams
    Image #5 from Mark Williams
    Image #6 from Mark Williams
    Image #7 from Mark Williams
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  18. Passiondrivenmotorsports

    5/5 quality product , install is a breeze and makes it easy to adjust ! Our little shop does a lot of work with air suspension if you are looking to lower your Tesla s/x without going full aftermarket air ride this is the way to do it !

    Image #1 from Passiondrivenmotorsports
    Image #2 from Passiondrivenmotorsports
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  19. Jon T

    Was super easy to adjust and fine tune, definitely needed to get great fitment. Did not notice any noise or comfort differences driving in low, went -8 rear -7 front.

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  20. JD

    Perfect fitment and very well made. Thanks for the help on installation. Went with 5.5mm all around and sits just right, in my opinion. Running in aftermarket 21” wheels with stock summer tire staggered set up and 5mm spacers in back.

    Image #1 from JD
    Image #2 from JD
    Image #3 from JD
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  21. Nic Henderson

    In todays climate I had a hard time finding many companies who make an outstanding product, fit PERFECT and are willing to talk to you through the day and evening to help answer questions about the install; Then I met N2itive. Don, Tim and the crew have gone above and beyond to create an amazing set of products and then pile on killer customer service. Don was willing to assist with the purchasing to working with me to get the finishing touches for lower links. The S Build we are working on it one step closer to riding smooth and in style. Don’t skimp for other cheaper links.
    Thanks to the N2itive team! 10/10!

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