These T-30 Torx bolts fit the standard N2itive clamp for any of the version 1 and 2 series parts.  Such as the SX-1/SX-2 camber arms or TSX-1/TSX-2 toe arms.  We included a photo of the clamp so you can see what these bolts are for.  The clamp is not included.  We recommend putting a very small amount of anti-seize lubricant on the threads before assembly to make future adjustments easy. Please make sure they are tightened with a T-30 Torx bit.  If you use an Allen wrench you will strip them.  Please choose free shipping at check out.

N2itive Camber/Toe Arm Bolts (Pair)

N2itive Camber/Toe Arm Clamp Not Included In Purchase

Clamp Not Included With Bolts