T3Y-2 Model 3 / Y Toe Arm Set



  • High pressure forged adjustable Toe arms
  • Designed to dial in perfect alignment for track or street driving
  • Solves the common inner tire wear issue
  • Perfect for lowered Teslas or high mileage Teslas
  • Add or remove rear toe angle to your liking
  • Direct drop-in replacement for OEM Tesla REAR Toe arms
  • Highest quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Unmatched 6-year to lifetime warranty!

We recommend using these adjustable toe arms in combination with our adjustable camber arms as you’ll find in our Alignment Kit 3

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N2ITIVE is ecstatic to announce our newly developed high pressure forged rear adjustable toe arms to accompany our new adjustable camber arms for the Tesla Model 3 and Y.  The only forged adjustable Tesla Model 3/Y toe arms in the world!  As you’ve come to expect from N2ITIVE, we’re pushing the envelope even further this time in strength, quality, design and functionality.  Piggybacking on the incredible design and success of our original adjustable control arms, these new arms boast a host of improvements compared to anything available on the market today.

This design started with our brand new custom engineered one-piece forged rod ends with integrated weather sealed silent spherical bushings.  This maintains all the strength of our original rod ends but makes them lighter and keeps a lower profile since the bushing is now part of the rod end itself.  On the opposite end our clevis mount has been high pressure forged with an embedded high strength chromoly adjustment rod to ensure your arms never bend or break even under the most demanding circumstances.  The cylindrical center adjuster allows for super easy adjustment from any alignment shop which is securely stabilized by dual end clamps.  We don’t use jam nuts in our designs.

Both our adjustable camber and toe arms allow you to dial in the ideal alignment with the least rolling resistance for improved tire wear to optimize the life of your tires and battery.  Alternately you can align your Model 3/Y for better handling performance on the track or somewhere in between.   N2ITIVE’s adjustable toe arms give you over 20x more adjustability over the factory toe eccentric bolt.  Installation can be performed by the experienced home mechanic or from a local alignment shop that has experience with aftermarket control arms.  These parts will quickly pay for themselves in the cost of tires alone.  We can help you every step of the way, from selecting the right N2ITIVE parts to finding an installer.  Just let us know.  We’re here to help and get your Tesla aligned right.

N2ITIVE’s new adjustable rear toe arms come in three variations.   We have a natural clear or red anodized surface finish which comes with a 6-year warranty.  These are high pressure forged, machined and heat treated using high strength 6061-T6 aluminum and 4041 electroless nickel plated chromoly.  Or you can take it up a notch to our full electroless nickel plated version which comes with a lifetime warranty, almost double the ultimate tensile strength 7075-T6 aluminum center adjuster and an incredible finish.  In addition to being substantially stronger, this version has an amazing bright black nickel plated finish for improved corrosion resistance and insane looks.  Either way you can’t go wrong.  All versions are stronger than any other brand, including Tesla’s own.  The price is per pair or set of two arms.  Contact us with questions. We’re here for you!

Why Choose N2ITIVE

At N2ITIVE we give you the highest quality parts and craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Everything we create is meticulously well thought-out, precision engineered and FEA and real-world tested!  All of our components are custom made. Nothing is off the shelf. Take our weather sealed spherical bushings for instance… made with high strength steel that’s been electroless nickel plated for amazing wear and corrosion resistance. Each bushing incorporates a Teflon infused Delrin liner for a lifetime of trouble-free, maintenance-free use. You can count on us to only give you the best with all our parts and we back that up with a 6-year to lifetime hassle-free warranty to the original purchaser. Our products are the strongest, safest and most durable aftermarket Tesla parts you can buy, guaranteed! Not to mention, they look incredible.

Please have the installer watch the below installation video and follow our torque and alignment specs! Our recommended alignment specs for the model 3/Y are as follows…

MODEL 3/Y Alignment specs

Front toe: 0.05
Front camber: -0.6
Rear toe: 0.05
Rear camber: -0.8

Arm clamps must be face down for clearance!

MODEL 3/Y Torque Specs

All of the small black clamps on the arms are 16-20 Nm (12-15 lbs-ft)

Camber: Knuckle = 134 Nm (98.8 lbs-ft), Subframe = 134 Nm (98.8 lbs-ft)

Toe: Knuckle = 85 Nm (62.7 lbs-ft), Subframe = 76 Nm (56.0 lbs-ft)

Make sure to preload your suspension before you lock everything down!

Additional information

Weight 125 oz
Dimensions 14.25 × 4.25 × 3 in

Matte Red Anodized – 6-Year Warranty, Natural Clear Anodized – 6-Year Warranty, Bright Black Electroless Nickel Plated, Double Strength Aerospace Grade Aluminum – LIFETIME WARRANTY


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